Planning for a supported cycling expedition to Ladakh


1. Mountain. Don’t change the saddle or make any fresh adjustments that are not tested
2. Helmet
3. Minimum 2 litre Camelbak for hydration plus water bottle mounted on bike
4. Handle bar mounted lights with good illumination ( carry extra batteries)
5. Headlamp with batteries ( extra ones)
6. Light LED Torch ( you will need it around the camp at night)
7. Front rack for storage
8. Sunglasses ( compulsory) with interchangeable lenses

1. Cycle multi-tool
2. Swiss army knife ( not mandatory but useful)
3. Lubricant
4. Cleaning cloth
5. Tool pouch
6. Spare Tyre and Tubes ( though the organizer is carrying I would suggest carry one tire atleast)
7. Puncture repair kit
8. Brake shoes
9. Brake cable
10. Gear cable
11. Extra chain
12. Please get your bike serviced and chains etc checked.

1. Cycling shorts
2. Cycling leg skins ( preferable)
3. Cycling jersey 2 Base layer: polyester microfiber
4. 2 Cycling gloves – Short fingers 1 MTB Cycling cold resistant gloves – Full finger 1
5. Other clothes Underwear 2-3 t shirts and Night clothes
6. One thick down jacket for the time we are camping
7. Bacalava
8. Clothing – don’t wear heavy jackets while cycling, multi layers of wicking free t long sleeve t shirts, windproof and rain proof insulated jacket.
9. Woollen ( preferably water resistent) cap ( available at Adventure Point, Defence Colony, Delhi ) . Wear under helmet if required.
10. 6-8 pairs of Thermal socks
11. MTB skins with padding for legs
12. Arm warrmers
13. Trekking towel
14. Light shoes that are preferably water resistant , with good soles and can be used for trails and hiking because we may have to walk uphill with our bikes in some sections
15. Sandals for the camp
16. Thermal inners for upper and lower body ( nights and early morning will be very cold)
17. Shell Pant for light rain


1. Oral Rehydration Solution ( Gatorade satches)
2. Energy Bars
3. Dryfruit mix: Almonds + Cashews + Raisins
4. Chocolates for energy
5. Sardines cans / baked beans ( we can decide how much each one will carry so that we don’t over stock) Maggi is available enroute

1. Hand sanitizer
2. 2 PACKETS baby wipes as you wont get to bathe for many days.
3. Toilet paper roll
4. Medicines ( Please visit your doctor for advise based on your condition) Some doctors also prescribe Diamox to prevent high altitude sickness.

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